Commercial locksmith Minneapolis 24/7

Getting locked out of your business premise is different from getting locked out of your home. You do not need the services of a residential locksmith in such a case, but a commercial locksmith. They are trained specially to work with commercial locks.

What a commercial locksmith does
Research new lock technology
Advancement in technology involves more advanced lock and key systems also , to reinforce security another level. 24 hr locksmith Minneapolis MN does research on these sorts of technology, like keyless entry, fingerprint technology, and barcode scanning to supply their clients secure security systems.

Lock installation

A business owner may want to install new locks at one point or the other. For example, if there had been a burglary attack and you don’t feel secure using your old lock system, or if you have moved into a business premise that had been used by another owner before. You never know who has spare or duplicate keys to your business premise, so it’s always wise to call a commercial locksmith to install a new lock system for your business.

Lock repair and maintenance

Many reasons would lead to lock damages in a commercial premise. In such instances, you need to call a commercial locksmith to repair your lock and even replace your keys if necessary. It could be that your locks got damaged during an attempted break-in, or your key got broken in the lock. A commercial locksmith can also help repair the wiring malfunctions if you use electronic locks for your business. Your manual locks can also need regular maintenance like cleaning and greasing, which are done by a billboard locksmith.

Key cutting

Having a spare key is always essential as it comes in handy when you lose one or misplace it. A commercial locksmith does key cutting to ensure you have more than one key that you can use to access your business premise.

  • Other services offered by a commercial locksmith include
  • Fire exit door devices
  • Automatic and manual door closing devices
  • Consultation on security advice
  • Unlocking, repairing and replacing locks of digital safes, drawer, and file cabinets
  • Rekey Locks
  • Installation of high-security locks
  • Alarm system and intercom installation
  • Commercial building lockouts
  • Change out mailboxes
  • Digital locks service and reprogramming
  • Punch-code system installation

Before hiring a 24 hour locksmith Minneapolis, ensure you do a background check to be sure of whether you can trust him or not. Do not hire a locksmith with a record , because then you’d be putting your business in danger .


The best commercial Minneapolis locksmith must have undergone thorough training to obtain certifications and licenses for handling different locks and security systems. Besides, you should confirm that your locksmith has experience in handling your type of lock so that you don’t risk spending more on repairing damages.

Response time

When in an emergency, you need not wait for ages before your locksmith comes to your aid. That’s why it’s important to hire a locksmith that is near you since the waiting time would be shorter.


Go for a locksmith company which will serve you around the clock, 24/7/365. This is because more often than not, you’ll need locksmith services in an emergency that you simply haven’t any control over. Having a locksmith on holiday once you are stranded outside your office isn’t suitable for your business.

Benefits of commercial locksmith services

Protection against internal threats – Much as you should trust your employees, its important to protect your business as well. Some employees may have funny behaviors and even start picking things here and there. Enforcing security measures and having a strong lock system can also help protect your business against former employees who might have parted on disagreeable terms.

Protection against burglary attacks – Hiring a commercial locksmith to enforce security at your business premise will ensure your locks are burglar-proof and your business remains safe. This also creates a safe working environment for your employees.

Improvement of business profile – Having high-security upgrades like state of the art lock systems and alarms makes your business stand out and attract clients also as new employees. It shows dedication to your business and a kind of seriousness.

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